To convert your Professional machine for Hockey use, lay the machine on the floor on it lid. Unbolt the bottom half of the ball joint clamp by removing the ball joint handwheel/spindle assembly and the two M8 socket head cap screws with the Allen key provided. You can now remove the clamp and the ball joint/tripod head assembly.

The Hockey bracket bolts on to the top half of the ball clamp with the two shorter M8 cap screws and the M10 cap screw provided (see diagram below). Having tightened these three fastenings the machine can be turned back right-side-up and set down with the Hockey bracket flat on the floor.



Moulded BOLA 5oz polyurethane practice balls are available in red or yellow. The BOLA balls are dimpled like golf balls for stability in flight and accuracy. They have similar bounce characteristics to a cricket ball with a slightly softer case to minimise bat damage.

A 3oz Hi-Viz orange ball is also available. They have been designed to give higher bounce to enable players to practice back foot shots at reduced ball speeds. They are excellent for hooking and pulling and are also good for the junior age groups when used with the BOLA on its shorter legs.

The accuracy of your BOLA is affected by the condition and consistency of the balls that you use. Do not mix new and old balls as the best accuracy is obtained by keeping balls in batches so they are all at the same stage of useable life. Do not use balls that have lost their dimples.

Your BOLA machine is happy to deliver normal cricket balls but the wear rate of a leather ball is high and the consistency of the machine will be compromised.


Unbreakable springback stumps are also available and are suitable for indoor of outdoor use.


The standard legs for the BOLA give a ball delivery height of 2.2 metres but sets of shorter legs are available for lower operation heights, which reduce the bounce of the ball for younger players. Changing the legs takes less than one minute.


Accepts any BOLA machine with no modification required. It enables the machine to be easily wheeled around without dismantling and so maximises the time in use. It also provided improved operator safety.


The Hockey machine can be used for all sorts of drills and practice where a consistent pass or shot is needed. It is ideal for all goalkeeper training and can ensure an untiring supply of quality crosses.

It is recommended, that whilst it is possible to use the machine from the mains electricity supply, you use the machine from a 12V battery as this greatly increases the portability of the machine and eliminates any risks associated with using mains powered equipment in a damp environment.
Adjustment of the length Vernier control will reduce bounce on the ball to a minimum but different speeds and surfaces are also a factor and some experimentation may be required.
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