The centre position is the ‘Off’ position. The ‘Manual Fast’ position will give you a ball every 7 seconds after a 15-second starting delay. The ‘Manual Slow’ position will give you a ball every 11 seconds after being started by the keyfob remote control. The ‘Remote Slow’ position will give you a ball every 11 seconds after being started by the remote control.


The feeder unit is fitted with a warning bleeper, which sounds each time the feed sequence is started manually or by the remote control unit. This is designed as a warning for safety purposes.


The ball feeder is also fitted with two LED indicators, which are fitted to the black box on top of the ball rack. The green LED is lit when the feeder is plugged in and the switch is in any position except the ‘Off’ position. It is an ‘active’ indicator and tells the batsman that the feeder sequence is in progress and will feed balls if there are any in it. The second LED is red and flashes briefly as the ball release mechanism activates.


The optional keyfob remote unit is very simple to operate. Pressing the outermost button (marked 1) will switch the feeder on if it is off and off if it is on. When switching ‘On’, listen for the warning bleeper and watch for the green ‘active’ LED. When switching ‘Off’ the green ‘active’ LED will go out.



The BOLA ‘Professional’ machine is equipped with an electronic random delivery mode. This can only be utilized when the machine is fitted with the BOLA 28 Ball Automatic Feeder.

To activate the random delivery mode, set your BOLA up to bowl the required ‘neutral’ line and length ball. Press the ‘L’ and ‘R’ bias buttons simultaneously. The bias LEDs will then begin to flash. The BOLA will then alter speed and bias after each ball is delivered. The change in speed will alter the length and the change in bias will change the line. The automatic feeder triggers these changes, so this facility can only be used when the feeder is fitted.

IMPORTANT: When batting against the machine with the feeder fitted remember that it will continue to feed balls whist the green ‘active’ light is on until it is empty. It requires your concentration at all times during use.


Always be aware of the ball speed of the machine - increases in speed should only be at the request and full knowledge of the batsman. Remember that the bowling machine is purely for the benefit of the batsman - not the operator.

When feeding your BOLA hold the ball high and, when you are sure the batsman is ready, place the ball in the hole. Ensuring that you do this as consistently as possible. This will give the batsman every chance to time his stroke correctly.

Do not use the machine in wet weather.
Do not cover the lid or wheels of the machine without advice from the factory. The wheels are carefully balanced to aircraft standards.
Do not remove the control panel or interfere with its fastenings. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
Do not move your BOLA without first ensuring that all three legs are firmly located.
Deposits on the wheels will not effect the performance of the machine and can be safely ignored. However, if there is build up of residue on the ball guide track between the wheels, this should be carefully removed with a long scraper or putty knife, with the machine switched off.

Keep sparks and flames away from the battery (i.e. no smoking).
Your battery contains dilute sulphuric acid, which is corrosive. Flush with water if splashed on skin or in the eyes and get immediate medical attention.
During charging, your battery gives off explosive gasses. It should be charged in a well-ventilated area (not a living area) so the at it can gas freely to the open air. Avoid any possible source of sparks while charging.
Keep the battery away from children.


Do not allow the machine to rest for prolonged periods on its plastic lid, as this will distort the ball guide and cause poor performance.

Do not subject your BOLA to extremes of temperature or damp. Ideally, it should be stored in its carrying case in a clean, dry environment to prevent undue damage.


Occasional light applications of grease to the leg clamp and ball joint spindles will ensure long-term smooth operation.

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