Thank you for choosing the BOLA cricket bowling machine. It has been carefully engineered to produce a first class practice facility, and if used properly it will bring you many years of pleasure

Please read the following instructions carefully in order to get the best from your BOLA.


BOLA Professional, Club and Hockey machines are supplied complete with a carrying case. Also with your machine should be:
3 rubber feet for bowling machine legs
1 spare 35A ‘O’ type machine fuse
1 battery/machine cable with terminal clamps
1 power pack/battery charger *
1 power pack/machine cable *
1 spare 5A ‘O’ type power pack fuse *
* Optional
(The three bowling machine legs are packed separately)


All Coaches and Machine Operators (who are not using a BOLA Stand) should wear helmets, face guards, leg and chest pads. The operator should constantly be aware of the possibility of the ball being hit straight back at him/her. Bowling Machines should only be used by qualified adults. No unsupervised use. THINK SAFETY AT ALL TIMES.

All batters should face the BOLA Machine protected in the same way as they would be for participating in a competitive match. Therefore, they should be wearing a minimum of; batting gloves, pads and cricket box. If the intention is to practice short pitched deliveries batters should also protect themselves with forearm guards and body and thigh pads.

It is compulsory for all batters under the age of eighteen to wear a cricket helmet and face guard when practicing with the BOLA Machine. We highly recommend that all batters wear a helmet and face guard when practicing with the machine.


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