The assembly procedure is the same for all machines except hockey.
Untie the string around the stainless steel handle
(fig. 1) and remove BOLA from its carrying case
(fig. 2).

Place BOLA upside down on the foor on its plastic lid (fig. 3). It is wise to protect the finish of the plastic by placing some carpet or foam on the floor beforehand.

Slacken the ball joint clamp knob (fig. 4) and position the tripod head to accept the legs (as in fig. 5). Then re-tighten the ball clamp knob.

Insert legs into the two lower leg sockets (fig. 6) ensuring that they are correctly located. The weight of these two legs will rock the machine towards you until the legs touch the floor.
Insert the third leg into its socket and having checked that this is also correstly located tighten the leg clamp knob. This will be made easier if you support the third leg with your shoulder (fig. 7).
Give all these three legs a firm twist to check that they are firmly in place (they should not move). If they are still loose tighten the clamp some more.
Stand the BOLA upright (fig. 8) by lifting from behind the machine and pivoting it on its two back legs until it stands firmly on all three legs in the upright firing position (fig. 9).BOLA can now be manoeuvred into the desired position in the crease.

IMPORTANT: Before using your BOLA please ensure that the battery or power pack underneath the machine is protected from balls driven back along the ground, which may cause

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