The BOLA delivery head is mounted on a large ball joint, which allows almost infinite adjustment of line, length and angle of delivery.

Slacken the large knob at the front of the machine to loosen the ball joint clamp. This allows you to select the desired position for the delivery head before retightening the clamp.
When using the machine you may find it useful to leave the ball joint loosely clamped to allow some movement for fine line and length adjustment.


For fine line adjustment, turn the small black knob clockwise to move the line of delivery to the left, and anti-clockwise to move it to the right.

Please note: When the machine is set up for spin, the Vernier controls will have different effects on line and height.


You will notice that even with the ball joint firmly tightened there is still some movement of the delivery head. This allows the operator to simulate a match situation and vary the line and length of individual deliveries.

To do this, use the handlebar to temporarily move the head and alter line and length as required. When the handlebar is released, the handlebar will return to its original position (as long as the ball is firmly clamped).


It should be remembered that a cricket bowling machine is potentially very dangerous if it is not operated responsibly. Under no circumstances should children without the supervision of qualified adults use the machine.

All batsmen, machine operators and attendants must wear protective clothing (helmets with face guards, pads etc.) and be constantly aware of BOLA and the batsman.
After any adjustment of line, length or speed, feed a ball through the machine with no batsmen to ensure that the adjustments have been made correctly.


An automatic ball feeder to fit all BOLA machines. Fitted in less than two minutes it feeds a ball into the machine every 7 or 11 seconds (as selected). Optional remote control on/off switch allows interruption of the sequence when required. Warning lights indicate the release of ball.


Remove the automatic feed from its packaging. You should have two parts:

1 Ball Rack and 1 ‘Y’ frame which attaches the feeder to the machine.

To fit the feeder to the machine the ‘Y’ support frame is slotted onto one of the legs so that it is on the same side of the machine as the control panel.

Switch on the bowling machine and adjust it for the desired line, length and speed.

Place the ball rack on the support frame so that it sits in the open ‘U’ at the outermost end of the ‘Y’ and the adjustable tube socket fits over the spigot part of the ‘Y’.

Slackening the black plastic knob will allow the feeder to be positioned so that it drops balls cleanly into the machine. Tighten the black knob when the required adjustments have been made. It may be necessary to re-adjust this if the line or length of eth machine is adjusted. Plug the 3-pin DIN plug into the socket on the left hand end of the control panel.


With the feeder switch in the ‘Off’ position, plug the feeder into the socket on the left hand end of the bowling machine control panel. The switch has five positions, which have the following functions.

1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8     
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