On its standard legs the BOLA delivers a ball from about 2.3 metres (1.6 metres for baseball). Extra sets of legs are available if different heights are required.
Before operating your BOLA a stable platform of approximately 75cm in height is required on which the coach can stand to feed and operate the machine safety.

Protective helmets and padding must be worn by the operator and batsmen.
A bucket for the balls is also recommended which can be hung on the hook on the tripod head.POWER PACK
(Optional on all models)


BOLA will operate from any 12V DC source. To enable operation from 240V* AC outlets you will need the BOLA power pack. The power pack is a transformer with a smoothed DC Output. Also built into the power pack is a battery charging circuit, which will recharge and 12V lead/acid battery.

To use the machine from a 240V* AC power source, plug the BOLA power pack into the mains outlet and connect to the machine. The power pack will become warm in use, but this is normal - the aluminium box is designed to sink heat away from the components inside.

If for any reason the power pack appears not to
function, check the 5A fuse in the power pack and the fuse in the 3 din mains plug (UK only).

To recharge your 12V battery with the BOLA battery/machine cable attached, plug the grey battery plug into the grey outlet socket (with the power pack plugged into the mains). While the battery is taking charge the green light on the power pack will come on.

Under no circumstances should the battery cable be plugged into the power pack whilst it is not connected to a battery, as this risks short-circuiting the two terminals, which will blow the power pack fuses.

Your battery will be sufficiently recharged after 8-12 hours to be used again, but a full charge may take up to 36 hours. The battery should not be left charging for longer periods without regularly checking the voltage (max. 15V). If your battery continues to take a charge after extended periods of charging, please contact your local battery supplier.

*Or 110V if specified on order.


It is recommended that, whilst it is possible to use the machine from the mains electricity supply, you use the machine from a 12V battery as this greatly increases portability and eliminates any risks associated with using mains powered equipment in a damp environment.

BOLA will run from any 12V battery (car batteries etc.) although we strongly recommended the use of a deep cycle or traction battery rated at 60-100 amp/hrs. These batteries are designed to cope with prolonged discharge and recharge cycling, and are available for the caravan and marine markets. They are often described as ‘leisure’ batteries.

If the BOLA circuitry appears to become unstable after prolonged use on the battery, we suggest that the battery voltage is checked or the battery recharged. The machine is designed to run on a minimum of 11V (flat battery), but below this voltage the circuitry will not function.

Important: Never leave a lead acid battery in a flat or discharged condition! Your battery should be recharged as soon as possible after use.


All BOLA models have a microprocessor for its speed control functions. Adjustments can be made by the operator via membrane switches. The panel is fairly self-explanatory. Ball speed is displayed in miles per hour in the ‘Speed’ window and the amount of swing or spin in the ‘Bias’ window. Two Tricolour LEDs light and change colour giving further indication of bias and the expected effect. A green ‘Ready’ LED comes on once the machine has achieved your selected speed and bias settings.

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