2024 BOLA Professional Bowling Machine

For 2024 the Professional Machine has been updated with a completely new Control Panel with ePaper high resolution display. This allows for enhanced functionality and multiple user-definable options. Speed display in KPH or MPH, Session Ball Count, Session Timer, User selectable random increments for competitive practice sessions. The new BOLA Pro Machine also features Brushless Motors driving concave profile moulded urethane ball delivery wheels. Adjustable speed in 1 mph increments between 15 and 95 mph (24 and 152 kph). Spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings. Electronic random variation facility with solid state electronic wheel braking. Ball joint complimented by vernier screw adjustment for precision line and length. Operation from 12 volt battery or with optional BOLA Power Supply from 230v mains (or 110v if specified). READ MORE ...

£1835.00 ex VAT £2202.00 inc VAT

With Power Supply £2040.00 Ex VAT.£2448.00 inc VAT.

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK.
The BOLA Professional Machine is packed in one box (dimensions 92 x 56 x 42 cms) and the legs are packed in another (dimension 210 x 8 x 8), the combined weight is 40K.

BOLA Junior

2024 BOLA Junior Bowling Machine

Brand new from BOLA Manufacturing Limited the BOLA Junior brings the quality and design expertise of the BOLA brand to the junior cricket practice market providing tried and tested BOLA technology at an entry level price. BOLA Junior has been designed to enable juniors to practice in the same way as their senior counterparts by bringing tireless accurate bowling for endless hours of batting practice and fun. Like the senior BOLA Machines the BOLA Junior has two ball throwing wheels for realistic bounce and swing. Single wheel product designs (originally developed for Baseball where the ball doesn't bounce) are not able to do this. The machine is light (8 kg), easy to carry and set up so can be operational in a few minutes. READ MORE ...

The BOLA Junior is supplied as a package of machine, feeder and 12 balls for £855.00 ex VAT. £1026.00 inc VAT. A battery is supplied seperately £48.00 ex VAT. (£52.75 inc VAT) and a battery charger £46.00 ex VAT. £55.20 inc VAT.

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK.

Merlyn and Troy Coolley

2024 'Merlyn by BOLA' Spin Bowling Machine

The 'Merlyn by BOLA' spin bowling machine – which was developed by BOLA Manufacturing Ltd in conjunction with the England and Wales Cricket Board – was greeted with praise and enthusiasm by professional players and coaches alike when it first went on sale in 2010. Merlyn was invented by Henry Pryor and the original prototype was part of England's historic victory over Australia in the 2005 Ashes. Stuart & Williams (BOLA) developed the next generation 'Merlyn by BOLA' for the England and Wales Cricket Board, who were searching for a means to extend the experience of first-class players against top class spin bowling and after receiving a design proposal and viewing a mechanical prototype twenty machines were ordered which are currently in use at every first class county, the England test squad and the ECB Academy.'Merlyn by BOLA' provides the coach with the flexibility to deliver any combination of leg-breaks, off-breaks, top spinners and arm balls that he or she requires. The 'easy to use' switch panel allows complete control of line, speed, flight and the amount of top spin and side spin imparted to each delivery. The machine can be programmed to deliver any 'over' the coach can conceive.READ MORE...

Price on Application

There is also an on-site installation and set up fee which is dependent upon traveling time.

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK

Hockey Machine

2024 BOLA Hockey Ball Delivery Machine

A floor mounted version of the cricket machine with enclosed wheels. Delivering a hockey ball at speeds from 20 to 80 mph. Vernier length control allows fine adjustment to eliminate bounce. 12 volt battery operated with mains option available. Also available is a kit to allow conversion for cricket use. Supplied in carrying case. READ MORE ...

£1760.00 ex VAT. £2112.00 inc VAT.

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK
The BOLA Hockey Ball Machine is packed in a box (dimensions 92 x 56 x 42 cms) that weighs 40Kg

Fielding Trainer

2024 BOLA Fielding Trainer with Gimballed Turntable

BOLA Hockey Ball Machine mounted on a gimballed swivelling turntable. Instant adjustment of direction and elevation. Designed for Hockey goalkeeper training the turntable is excellent for a wide range of Cricket fielding and catching exercises. Availlable with extended legs. Fielding Turntables are sold as a unit with a BOLA Hockey Machine. This is because the dimpled plastic balls (used by the Cricket Bowling Machines)are not particularly well suited to catching practices – they are very hard on the hands - and fielding drills are more effective with cricket balls. The Hockey Machine has rubber based ball throwing wheels which are more efficient when working with leather cricket balls. In addition to this, it is necessary to remove all the Ball Joint / Tripod assembly to fit the machine to the Turntable so it makes switching between batting and fielding with a Cricket Bowling Machine impractical. READ MORE ...

£2015.00 ex VAT. £2418.00 inc VAT.

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK
The BOLA Fielding Trainer is packed in a box (dimensions 92 x 56 x 42 cms) that weighs 40Kg.

2024 BOLA Machine Stands

Column stand

BOLA Column Stand

The BOLA Column Stand is designed primarily for outdoor users. It takes away most of the lifting and carrying required in the normal bowling machine set-up. The stand is adjustable in delivery height between 150cms and 215cms. It has three wheels for stability on all surfaces and incorporates a tray in the base which holds the Battery or Power Pack. It can be fitted with an optional Protection Screen and Net to give the machine operator protection from straight hits. For storage with limited height the machine head mount is hinged and can be folded back on itself to further reduce the storage height. Galvanised finish for weather protection. More ...

£563.00 ex VAT. £675.60 inc VAT (plus delivery charge).

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK.

Protection Kit for Column Stand

£195.00 ex VAT. £234.00 inc VAT (plus delivery charge).

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK.

Machine Stand on Wheels

BOLA Machine Stand on Wheels

Accepts any BOLA machine with no modification required (except Junior). It enables the machine to be easily wheeled around without dismanteling and so maximises the time in use. It provides the Machine operator with a safe and stable position. More ...

£745.00 ex VAT. £898.000 inc VAT (plus delivery charge).

VAT is not payable on sales outside the UK.

A carriage charge (minimum £9.00 plus VAT) is payable for all balls and accessories. The carriage charge for a battery is £18 plus VAT - unless it is included with a machine order when it is free. Carriage is payable on machine stands. A battery is NOT included in any machine price.