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For many years, baseball players throughout the world have recognised the value of pitching machines for intense batting practice. The features of the 2015 BOLA Pitching Machine make it the most advanced machine on the market.

The BOLA Machines' cast aluminium wheels with custom prolific solid urethane tyres and super accurate motor speed control give unmatched consistency of pitch. See 'Cricket' page for more details. The Pitching Machine will throw any type of pitch. If you know that in your next game your opposing team's pitcher has a particular speciality, the BOLA can be set up to throw that pitch, giving all your team the opportunity to practice it in advance. Whether it's a curveball, slider, change-up or fastball at ninety miles an hour, the BOLA will do it.

The BOLA has two methods of adjustment. The large ball joint around which the whole machine moves is used for major adjustment on different types of pitch. In addition, vernier adjusters enable positive pin-pointing of height and width. The combination enables you to pitch anywhere over the plate with the minimum of fuss.

The BOLA has been designed as a battery operated machine because of the potential problems of using mains powered equipment outdoors. You can use your BOLA Pitching Machine absolutely anywhere. A 60 A.H. battery gives up to six hours use between recharges. Alternatively, a mains (220V or 110V) Power Pack and Charger unit is available as an optional extra.

The BOLA machine weighs just over 20kg (excluding legs), making it by far the lightest machine on the market. The big advantage of this is for clubs and individuals who do not have permanent facilities and who have to set the machine up from scratch each time it is used. The BOLA can easily be carried or moved by one adult. It can be assembled in less than two minutes. The stringent safety requirements in most educational and training establishments dictate a very high level of user safety. The BOLA is unique in having no exposed moving parts. It can be used with complete confidence with players of all ages.

Stuart & Williams, the manufacturers of the BOLA machine, are Europe's leading manufacturer of ball throwing machines. They have been making machines for Baseball, Hockey and Cricket since 1985. All BOLA machines are guaranteed for 12 months, with extended guarantees available.

The BOLA is not just a Pitching Machine. It can be used for all types of team practice and will throw fly-balls, grounders, line drives and pop-ups. There is no better way of maximising any practice session than with the BOLA Pitching Machine.


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