The new Ball Trainer

The BOLA Ball Trainer is a unique design concept, specifically developed to produce the consistent, accurate supply of ball delivery that is essential to teach youngsters a plethora of hitting, catching, fielding or striking skills.

Until now, providing young players with a consistent and dependable source of delivery to learn the basic skills of games as diverse as cricket, tennis and rounders has been reliant on the throwing or bowling skills of the coach or teacher. The BOLA Ball Trainer is there to fill this gap and enable the coach to effectively train young beginners or improvers with an accurate reference ball for all skill disciplines.

The ball speed range of the all new Ball Trainer is between 20 and 60 mph and it has fully variable speed. Top Spin and Back Spin can be imparted to the ball and elevation and length are easily adjustable.

The ball reservoir holds in excess of 50 balls which are automatically fed into the machine. The ball feed sequence can be operated with a ‘key-fob’ remote control and a ‘traffic light’ sequence warns of delivery.

The BOLA Ball Trainer operates from an internal battery which will run the machine for more than four hours on one charge.

It can be used anywhere from a tennis court to a back garden and is equally at home in an indoor sports hall or outdoor cricket net.

The Ball Trainer is supplied with a plug in charger and mains supply, a Random Ball Deflector for perfecting catching or volleying skills and one dozen, specifically designed 68mm Ball Trainer balls.


'I’m introducing cricket to children from 51 different countries. Many of them don’t have any catching or hitting skills and there is no better tool for teaching them the basics of cricket than the BOLA Ball Trainer'
Ryan Denyer - Gordonstoun School

' Before this machine came along the rounders coach had no suitable means of mechanical delivery for teaching youngsters (7-13 year olds) catching and batting skills'
Caroline Park - Ex-Rounders England head coach now Head of PE at Cumnor House School

'You can take the machine off its stand and put it on the back seat of a car in a couple of minutes. For a coach, its mobility is a great asset and you can have it working at the next location in no time at all'
Kevin Boardman - coaching and development manager at Mildenhall Cricket Club

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