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Professional Machine

The World's No 1 Bowling Machine

The BOLA Bowling Machine has been at the forefront of technology since its conception in 1984. The Machine's ability to provide consistent and accurate bowling of all styles has improved the ability of batsmen of all standards and abilities. The BOLA is used by Test and First Class cricketers as well as club and school players throughout the World.


Continual innovation

The BOLA Ball Trainer was specifically designed to provide youngsters with the accurate and consistent ball delivery needed for developing the catching, fielding or batting / hitting skills that are integral to many sports. The 'Merlyn by BOLA' Spin Bowling Machine is a state-of-the-art machine that delivers programmable, spinning balls, of every imaginable variety.


BOLA unleashes virtual bowling

The new TrueMan by BOLA displays a high-contrast LED animation of a bowler in front of the Bowling Machine. The animated 'bowler' runs in to deliver the ball and his action synchronises exactly with release of the ball. Coaches and players can create their own bespoke database of deliveries, overs or bowling spells from a library of animations.


  • Bowler animations on the TrueMan Machine give players the natural queues they need to get ready for each shot and releases all their normal batting triggers

    MCC Head Coach Mark Alleyne MCC Head Coach Mark Alleyne
  • The random delivery facility improves shot selection when older pupils practice with the automatic feeder.

    Mark Davis Cricket Professional, Millfield School and ex-Somerset CCC all-rounder Mark Davis
  • The Merlyn by BOLA will have a huge effect on English cricket and the way we play spin

    Robert Key Robert Key, Kent and England


Professional Machine

The BOLA Professional Machine

The Professional Machine is fitted with 'Brushless Motors' which replace the traditional brushed motors. Brushless Motors improve efficiency and reliability, are lighter in weight, provide a better build quality and longer working life.

£1698.33 ex VAT.

BOLA Feeder

BOLA 28 Ball Automatic Feeder

The BOLA Automatic Ball Feeder with remote control fits both the 'Club' and 'Professional' models. The 2015 Feeder has a modified bracket to make it more robust and allow it to be used when the machine is set up for spin.

£347.50 ex VAT

Ball Trainer

BOLA Ball Trainer

The Ball Trainer is a unique design concept, specifically developed to teach youngsters a plethora of hitting, catching, fielding or striking skills. The ball speed range is between 20 and 60 mph and it has fully variable speed.

£1500.00 ex VAT

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